“Coal Miner”
 “Turn that DAMN thing off!” Those were the words that I heard coming down the hall from my Daddy. I was about two years old and what I heard on the record player was a steel guitar and a piano. Then, the ‘dead-on’ pitch of her voice came thru those tiny speakers. 

I can remember standing in front of that little record player and the speakers were covered in a silver blue screen, watching that rainbow logo of Decca records going clockwise hour after hour, song after song, most of the time it was the same song, hour after hour. 


Panther Hall, Fort Woth, Texas
To this day what I listen for in music is the piano, the edge of a snare drum hit with a drumstick, steel guitar and fiddle.

What I heard, I later would learn, was the unmistakeable sounds of a piano played by Floyd Cramer a steel guitar played by Hal Rugg and Drums by Buddy Harman. The contribution on their part is unsurpassed in the talents of musicians today.

 It was not uncommon for us to go riding around on Saturday or Sunday afternoons when I was growing up and it just seemed natural for my 4 to 5 year old brain that everyone had someone famous living in the same county they lived in just like I did. It was always special for me that the person living close to us was my favorite. 
As far back as I can remember anything I would search the only three channels we had on TV every Saturday evening to see if my “neighbor” was gonna be on ‘Hee Haw’, ‘That Good Ole Nashville Music’ or ‘The Porter Wagoner Show’!  If she was, my butt was in the floor glued to the TV screen until Loretta was done.

                Hurricane Mills, TN



The Old Bridge in Hurricane Mills was lost to the flood of 2010. 

Flood of 2010 takes out the bridge in Hurricane Mills, TN


The Old Bridge in Hurricane Mills was lost to the flood of 2010. 

  The clap of the wooden planks could be heard in the car as we crossed the bridge there.  It was closed to traffic several years ago but was used by people to walk across to Western Town. 

I don’t believe Humphreys county has done enough to appreciate the fact of who lives here and the business that the Ranch and Loretta herself bring to Humphreys county. The Motocross is a huge economic draw for the area. 

You can go anywhere else and see a concert of hers but when she is at the Ranch, there’s just something special about those concerts.  Who else can drive 7 miles from home, see a concert like that and be home in ten minutes?  I’m lucky but I realize it. 

 A movie changes everything……..

          “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

The movie changed everything. The local walk in movie theater ran the movie for 18 straight days. I saw the movie all 18 of those days and haven’t kept up with the number of times I’ve seen it since. 

I was twelve years old when the movie came out. For two hours, eighteen nights in a row, I was AMAZED at the actress playing ‘Loretta’ as were a lot of people. No one could’ve done it better. 





 ……to be continued……..